Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Updates!

It's FINALLY here!

It's been a long while in the making
but the launch of the new website is here!

Please click on the above link to see my new website!
I'm very excited to have it finally up and running!

Since my last entry in May, it has been go, go, go!
I had a small lull in June, but things picked right back up again with San Diego Opera's Words and Music Program as well as my education outreach work with San Diego's The Monarch School  - a school for homeless kids grades K-12.  
And don't forget about Villa Musica - they keep me busy with Singing Classes and Private students and Master Classes!

The summer was very special as I was happy to continue working with my private students who had graduated high school.  
They kept up with their vocal studies all the way up until they left for college.
It's been a treat watching them grow - 
one student I have worked with since she was in the 7th grade!  
It's exciting and an honor as a teacher/mentor to see everyone grow a little bit more, being a part of their self discovery.

San Diego Opera's Words and Music program is underway!
My colleague, Stage Director, Cynthia Stokes and I (Composer in Residence/Music Director) are up and at it with the kids of Roosevelt Middle School, Eastlake High School, Chula Vista High School and Wilson Middle School.  
Over the summer, we got to work with the Barrio Logan College Institute - a wide range of kids - and they wrote their opera on the famous book,  
The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I'm also happy to share that a new CD is in the works as well as a new concert....
More information on those two items will be coming - 
my goal is to have these two projects on the calendar after the New Year!

Thank you to all who follow my modest blog!
Please don't be shy in saying hi or leaving a message!

Keep humming your favorite tune!
Best wishes,

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