Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Day After Project Cabaret 2012!

What an exciting 10 weeks with San Diego's Villa Musica and the Project Cabaret 2012 program.  We had our performances this past Friday and Saturday nights with sold out audiences both nights!  These performances were in support of raising funds for the Villa Musica Scholarship program.

For this project, I got to wear the hats of Music Director AND Stage Director, as well as set designer, props mistress, costume director, lighting director, etc... Thankfully, this production was on a small scale compared to the massive show, Kiss Me Kate, at Canyon Crest Academy this past February (Music Director/Conductor).

Aspiring to build a performance company in a dismal economy, this was a fantastic platform to try out my skills as an artistic director.  As I have compiled my list of "Make SURE to do X, Y, & Z differently next time...." I'm pleased with how A, B & C went!

As a performer, I'm looking for new ways to communicate.  As a music director, I love challenging performers to find the boundaries of their abilities, and then daring them to take a step beyond those boundaries.  Often, it's a thrilling journey!

Kudos go out to Aislinn, Barbara, Catherine, Dwayne, Mylene, and Sherry!
We had a fantastic trio: Wayla - Piano, Scott - Standup Bass, and Steve - Percussion.
A huge thank you to Dr Fiona Chatwin, Exec. Director of Villa Musica, for offering me this opportunity.  Thank you for challenging me and daring me to step outside of my own boundaries!  I'm already excited for Project Cabaret 2013.  

In the meantime, the summer brings the Singing I class at Villa Musica.  It's an 8 week adult singing class that I hope to inspire singers to explore what their voices can do, stretching the comfort zones, and working together in their learning and exploring.  OF COURSE there will be a performance at the end of the 8 weeks!  Not as involved as Project Cabaret, but definitely an entertaining time to be had.

Check out Villa Musica's website.  It's a fantastic non-profit music community center filled with great music, music lessons, incredible teachers and colleagues.  

Villa Musica has also made it possible for me to bring an education outreach residency to The Monarch School - San Diego's K-12 school for homeless kids.  For 12 weeks, kids, grades 9 - 12, have been participating in a Vocal Performance Class.  It has been SUCH an exciting residency!  These kids are amazing and eager and brilliant.  We've been studying how to read music, how to sing with a healthful technique, and how to learn to sing a song - THREE as a matter of fact!  We have a performance coming up in 2 weeks!  I can't sing the praises of these kids enough.  This has been such an amazing group to work with.  The Monarch School and I are looking at ways to continue to fund a music program for the students, and the kids are already asking if there will be another 12 week program...fingers crossed!

Thanks to those of you who are following my modest blog!  Your support is appreciated!