Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb 16, 2011 – Flight from L.A. To Paris, Part 1

So often I think about my next blog entry, yet, I have yet to truly write my first! What better time than while in the air en route to doux Paris? With juice and pretzles in hand, my seat mate sound asleep, I'm finally setting pencil to paper.

As soon as I walked through the security checkpoint (a bit after TSA had an unannounced security drill!) I was twirling in circles, tossing my hat up into the air, just like Mary Tyler Moore (all in my head, of course, but so close to in reality!) so pleased I was on my way AGAIN to Paris, this time, to sing and see good friends.

Sitting in my seat, just within my first hour of a 9 and a half hour flight, I've had such delight in my heart and on my face. I couldn't really read anything or conduct my usual business because I am so thrilled to be back on a flight to Paris, this time definitely a different woman.

Sixteen months ago, I was talked into going to Europe to sing and explore.  It was a big time of change so the idea was of huge appeal. I had some acquaintances in Paris – why not head there? When I boarded, my body was so vibrant with energy – flying to Europe – Paris! - ALONE!  I was sure this was how my life was going to end, my plane in a fiery blaze, plunging into the Atlantic...I just knew it!  I'd excuse myself to the bathroom and cry a bit, pull myself back together, and plop back in my seat wondering what the 5 weeks ahead of me held.

Today, a warm content smile rests on my lips, lifting my cheeks. I'm doing what I love: traveling, singing, creating.  Marvelous friends known to me as well as yet to be discovered, await me there. 
Something is hunkered just over the bend... come out, come out wherever you are... !